Episode 0 – Filter. A photography podcast.

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Welcome to Filter, a photography podcast by me – Matt Walter.

There is so much photography knowledge out there and so many ways to learn. There just isn’t enough time to find it and consume it. Think of Filter like a summary podcast. I’ve read so much content to learn it all myself. It took ages, and while I’m still learning myself, I want to shorten the process for you.

What we cover is completely up to you. It’s easy to make a content suggestion or ask a question about a challenge you’re facing. Head to the podcast help page and record a message from your computer or phone. Or, just tweet me at @mattwalterphoto or Instagram message me at @mattwalterphoto.

I aim to put episodes out weekly. They’re going to be short, 15 minute or less episodes that cover a different area of photography and answer your questions. This is an introductory podcast, so if you’re looking for the first real episode, jump to episode 1.

The podcast can only be a success if you ask your questions. Oh, and rate the podcast if you like what you hear.

Thanks for your support – I look forward to seeing some of you at a gig in the future or hearing your questions for the podcast.


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Photographer for Violent Soho, Dune Rats, Camp Cope, Crowbar, Skegss, WAAX, The Hard Aches, and Clowns. I host the podcast, 'FILTER'.

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